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Silence! Studio Bricks

Test! Test! Here.

Test, then buy. We understand. That is why we have installed our own test room, Studio Bricks, equipped with wooden Vicoustic Wave Wood panels, adjustable to your own sound preferences. Lectern and chair: present. Fresh air? Yes. Does it fit a combo? Oh yes. The test room is roomy enough.

Silencio! I'm reading a book.

You need to practice at home, but you can't: children are studying, the neighbours complain, the dog starts barking, ... Why don't you choose for Studio Bricks-at-home? Easy set-up: the components simply slot together. No need for glue, screws or tools. Your hands will do. The Studio Bricks cabin comes with a soundproof door, with a looking glass.


This cabin is ideal for recording. Cables run through a soundproof hole in the booth, avoiding any leakage; thank to the wooden panels, you can adjust the sounds to your audio-preferences.